Anna Galland

Executive Director,
Anna Galland is Executive Director of Civic Action, a progressive organization that uses innovative online tools to empower grassroots activists and spread progressive ideas. She led the launch of, MoveOn’s open petition tool, which has connected millions of people to local and national campaigns for change since 2011. Previously at MoveOn, she directed an advocacy campaign on clean energy, led MoveOn’s national network of local Councils, and ran a volunteer phone program that generated 2 million phone calls and recruited over 90,000 volunteers for the 2008 Obama campaign. Before coming to MoveOn in 2007, Anna started and directed civic engagement and community organizing projects for the Oregon Bus Project and the American Friends Service Committee, and served as a trainer for Wellstone Action. Originally from Evanston, IL, Anna graduated from Brown University and is now based in Michigan. She is the mother of twin girls born in 2012.


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